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About the Books

Images of America: Shawnee and Pottawatomie County

The first book, "Images of America: Shawnee and Pottawatomie County" was released in 2017. The Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing is an ambitious collection of chronicles that accurately capture the essence of what gives each American small town, neighborhood, and downtown its unique flavor. Each one is penned by a seasoned local expert and features hundreds of vintage images, local memories, personal stories, and unique points of view in regards to a variety of iconic events.

The Shawnee and Pottawatomie County Book features historic photos from Shawnee, Tecumseh, Asher, Dale, Earlsboro, Macomb, Maud, McLoud, St. Louis, and Wanette.

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Past & Present: Shawnee

The newest book, "Past & Present: Shawnee" was released in April 2023. The Past and Present series by Arcadia Publishing offers a special view of American life by placing historical images side-by-side with contemporary photographs. These Past and Present books help illuminate the connections between America’s yesterday and its tomorrow. 

The Shawnee book focuses mainly on downtown Shawnee, comparing past and present photos throughout the years.

Vintage Asher, Oklahoma

Stay tuned for "Vintage Asher, Oklahoma" expected to be available in late 2023. This self-published book will feature 20+ years of collected photos from my hometown of Asher. For updates, join our facebook group